A must have

"I purchased this a couple months ago but barely started it using it this past month. I feel my face tight after the treatment and I've received more compliments from people that my skin looks smoother. I love this! Only thing is that the gel runs out fast 🙁. Overall I love it."

Johanna M.


"I was skeptical about this device. There are so many false claims that you don't know what to purchase. But this is the real deal. The first week I used my Time Keeper I could see a noticeable difference. The lines around my eyes and forehead had softened and the area above my eyes was firmer. I would highly recommend this to anyone."

Laura Felix

Recommending for everyone

"I am much in need of skin toning. After two weeks of use of this product, I am beginning to see positive results, especially in my droopy eyelids. So I am very encouraged. I am doing both the 5 minute and the advanced steps with the Time Keeper. I am very carefully following the advice on how to use it. I am using the red light therapy after I use the microcurrent to finish the treatment.
if I can use it anyone can."

Angelina A.

Wow, the result is Amazing!

"I am 62 years old and have been using this for 60 days and I actually see the results. My skin is much tighter. I used it on my lower cheek and it looks amazing. in the beginning the microcurrent felt bit strong but as they promised you get used to the sting feeling. I now use it 3 times a week and it feels good. I am recommending this to all! I love it"

Belinda Angel

It Does Work!!!!!

" If you follow the directions, you'll notice changed right away! And if you continue to use it 2-3 times a well you'll get terrific results that will continue to stay looking as though you've had professional work done!"


Great device!

" This product is a great new addition to my skincare regimen. I use it a few times a week and my skin has been completely transformed. This really helps with wrinkles, acne, and skin maintenance! "


Really works!

"This really helps with wrinkles! Wow, the results are so easy and quick!"


Life Changer!

"This device completely changed my life. Wonderful results in just a few months!"

Natali .

Painless, amazing results, Love It!!!

"I have been using another infuser, which I really liked UNTIL I received this one! The heat and cool functions make a huge difference. I absolutely love this product. It's an investment well worth making...my skin has never looked better, and I'm 71!!! This works, it really works!!!"

Elissa P.

I have definitely seen results !!!

"The very first week I saw remarkable results. The skin around my jaws tighten, my eyes lifted, in fact, my complete face looked years younger! I have had Laser to tighten my skin and this worked just as well. It is painless and it just takes a few minutes a day!"

Cynthia G.


"Wow! Absolutely amazing product worked perfectly on my face!"



"What a great product! Highly recommended!"


This works!!!

"I have definitely seen results with this device, my old acne scars have been fading, my face is more hydrated and necklines less prominent. As someone who invests in their skincare money wisely and with my time I want to be getting the most out of my skincare. It is quick, I use it for 3-7 minutes 2 times daily, 3 minutes on my face (1 minute each side of my face and 1 minute on the forehead and 3 minutes on neck and chest, 1 minute on lips.) I do wish it had a bigger surface area for use on the body. It is one of the favorite skincare devices. The device is good quality, it's quite solid. My device works fine and I will continue to use."


Great product

"I have been using this for 4 weeks now and it feels amazing. I am using every day in the morning and evening when applying my creams and it feels amazing on my skin and I think its working.
I use creams that I got from my dermatologist and even he said that using a device like this one will increase the effect of the creams and will help me to get the results that I want faster. I love it!!!"

Lucie F

The best birthday gift ever

" This is my 55th birthday present and I Love My Time Keeper! I have only given it 4 stars because I haven't quite had it for 2 weeks. Ithe websites insist on changing it to 5 stars and I'm sure I will certainly get there. I use my Time Keeper 6 days a week. I understand you can get results using the Time Keeper 15-30 minutes a day but once I get started I can't stop!!! I begin with My neck and work my way up to my forehead. spending an hour while watching my favorite show.

I follow the instructions that are included in the booklet, I have also learned a little watching video and finally, I printed out images of the muscles in the neck and face to make sure I cover everything. My pet peeve is my neck and I am ecstatic with the results I am getting. Prior to the Time Keeper I understood a neck lift was the only option. I have allot of loose wrinkly thin skin along the front of my neck.but it is slowly diminishing.

I understand you do not use the Time Keeper down the very center of your face or along your throat but to get results you do not need to touch these areas. Order extra gel because you go through it quick. I am taking several selfies each week so I can look back at my accomplishments. I use my time keeper in the evening because I have sensitive skin and my face is a bit red however I am amazed how much tighter my face feels"


Time keeper

"I have only been using this device for two weeks, but I have been using the basic and some advanced techniques consistently every night (i watched Youtube to learn advanced). I am treating my neck and face with a focus on the jowls and sagging cheeks. At age 62 I am not sure how much improvement is realistic, but I thought I would give this device a try before fillers and anything invasive and expensive like cosmetic surgery. So far, I see an increased tightening in my upper cheek area--so slight. The reason for five stars is that i definitely see improvement in forehead lines after just two weeks. i noticed this yesterday and put my glasses on thinking maybe I wasn't seeing clearly, but there is a definite improvement with much softened lines. i will post a review again regarding overall sagging etc, after more time has gone by."

Jill F.